Super Mario Run Cheats – A new Comeback

The steps to follow to download Super Mario Run free on your iPhone or Android are very simple, however, we have to know how to install it correctly in our device since otherwise we could have problems of operation and stability. In this article you will find the best way to download Super Mario Run for free and a quick explanation of the steps to follow to install it. You are ready?


Before getting into stuff and discovering how to download the new Nintendo game for mobile devices (the first official arrival for iOS and Android), let’s talk a little more about this magnificent endless racing game that has recently been presented by Nintendo (specifically by Shigeru Miyamoto in the presentation of the iPhone 7).

Super Mario Run will be released in the first instance exclusively for iPhone and iPad, ie for iOS. However, we have recently been able to know that Super Mario Run can also be downloaded for Android, although users of the Google operating system will have to wait a little longer to download Super Mario Run in APK format or from Google Play itself Play Store).

If you have arrived here with the intention of downloading Super Mario Run completely free of charge you are in luck, then we will provide you with all the links to download the Mario game for iPhone, iPad and Android. In the case of iOS devices, the installation process is much simpler, while in Android terminals the process can be a bit more lousy, but rest assured, here we will explain everything step by step.

super-mario-run-cheatsTo install Super Mario Run on iOS (iPhone or iPad) the steps to follow are relatively simple. We will just have to make sure we have the latest version of iOS installed correctly on our device to be completely sure that the game will be fully compatible with our smartphone or tablet. To do this, you can go to the Settings application integrated in our iOS device and click on the General tab> Software Update. This is the best way to attain a super mario run hack where you get the whole game without having to pay for it.

If there are any system updates to perform, we strongly recommend that you install them before downloading Super Mario Run. In case you already have the latest version of iOS, perfect, you have everything ready for installation.

Now that we have iOS in its latest version, we will see how to download Super Mario Run on iPhone and iPad quickly and easily from the link that we have left below. In this link we explain step by step to install Super Mario Run on iOS and we will provide the direct link to download it from the App Store.

supermariorunhackIf you have an Android device the steps to follow are somewhat more complicated. While it is true that Nintendo announced the launch of Super Mario Run exclusively for iOS, we know perfectly well that the expected Nintendo game will also reach all Android users.

To download Super Mario Run on Android we will have several options that we will comment below: the first variable is the download and later installation directly from the official Android app store, known as Play Store or Google Play (depending on the Android version that Have in your terminal).

The second download option, as many of you will know, is through the APK file. So, we will provide the APK file to download Super Mario Run when it is ready. For this, you can take a look at our complete guide to download Super Mario Run on Android.

Fifa 17 Cheats and Tricks

We tried the new version of FIFA 17 and this is what I have found. A new engine with regards to Artificial Intelligence, a new story mode game, and in general a more realistic video game, but like everything in life there is a but, the tactic fixed. Still knowing FIFA and with its long line of series that admittedly has been very successful, due respect is but proper to the developers of this game. I salute to you guys for a job well done!

In terms of the flow of the game, it did not change much in relation to FIFA 16, although the differences are small, if they are noticed in the course of the game, when there is a stopped ball, that is where the changes are abysmal, not forgetting that now we have coaches Real, not generic as in the previous version. I believe it is the new game AI that has made the big improvement especially on corner kicks and ball dribbling and player defense. It has definitely looks more realistic.


We also find “The Journey” a story mode that undoubtedly is the biggest change of FIFA 17, we’ll talk about it later.

In my opinion, passes and shots are better in FIFA 17, there is more help, and yes, I like to play the game in fully assisted mode, I think it is more enjoyable and it makes it more fun. The developers have really captures the correct movement of players specially the top players which we fans are very familiar with.

The passes and shots are now more precise, although on the other hand when you do not have the ball and you are defending, it becomes more complicated to recover it.

EA Sports changed some interactions in the game, a characteristic flames “Active Ingellinege System”, I understand that it gives a realistic touch to the game, and in fact that is achieved in a phenomenal way.

The worst of this game is when we talk about the ball stopped, that’s where I think the developers of FIFA 17 made a big mistake, to quote his words made a “rewrite of the ball stopped”, now you can modify everything, exaggerated everything .

In free throws, the ball, internal or external, power and direction, in theory it sounds like something super “cool” but in practice it becomes super complicated.

The equine shots are now dirigible to a certain area and you can even select the companion you want to pitch, sounds fabulous in theory but in practice not so much.

Now where they ruined the game was on penalties.
It is almost impossible to score a penalty, they say “we wanted to put personality to the penalties”, and they did that, but in such a way that they become impossible to send to the bottom of the networks.

The best part of the game is “The Journey” which has Frostbite technology, this story mode focuses on a fictional character named Alex Hunter, a young man who dreams of being a professional player.

With all this new game and competition, it surely cannot be avoided that gamers like me start looking for fifa 17 cheats. I have already search the entire internet world. LOL not really. And I do have found some few tricks and here and there. But the will have to wait for a future posts since I wanna kick off this post with a review of the game. So please do subscribe to my blog and I will soon get back to you with some crazy tricks that you cannot resist. For now, I am gonna take advantage of it first! LOL. Chow!

The Sims Freeplay Money Cheats – A quick Guide

This trick has always been working ever since and it does not require any of those tricks you see in the internet where you have to go through a generator. It’s pretty cool and all but sometimes the generator freezes and stops working. Although I do have found one generator that has always worked and its the destination I always go whenever I need some crazy sims freeplay cheats to get more simoleons or LP. But I am not gonna show that here or maybe in the near future post since I don’t want to see some competition with what I have. hahaha. So this simple trick will still earn you awesome amount of money within a few minutes.


The Vomiting Sim

It is quiet simple actually. All you have to do is shake your device for 3-4 seconds your Sims will vomit. This is one good interface I actually love about the game because it is somewhat sensitive to your surroundings. You want your sim to actually throw up and if your Sims only show nausea, better share it some more for another 5 seconds so your sim will definitely get sick. $ 150,000? That’s piece’a cake!

Here’s another trick! This is a great easy trick to get lots of cash! 1. Spend 60CC on the cheapest firefighter pole 2. Now select it and sell it for 150,000! I have done it twice, I hope it helps! The good old fire pole trick!

Simoleons Quick and Easy trick

This is what is worked for me with Game Center and yes, NO Facebook is needed to execute this easy trick


1) Go to the Home Store. Click Social. Choose an item. I found that the turntable gives me more simoleons, so that’s what I always choose.
2) Place as much of that item in your lot as possible.
3) Disable your Game Center account. To do this: press the green button with three white dots> click the blue lock button> select Game Center account> click the Disable button
4) Go to the Move & Sell part of the beginning of the store. Sell all the items you placed for a profit. I sold every record player for a profit of 1,250 simoleons.
5) Go back and allow access to your Game Center account. See step 3 for instructions.
6) Visit the Party Boat. Quick note through -If you try to repeat the trick without visiting the Party Boat, the game will tell you that you do not have enough neighbors even though you have them. Just visit the Party Boat, and you will be able to repeat the trick without having to close the application or log in or out of Game Center.
7) Now rinse and repeat so you will accumulate more and more money!

Thousands of Simoleons in Easy Way

This trick is to get a lot of money in a few steps

1) Go to the house of a sim
2) In the store select the social button
3) “buy” for free anything and put it in the free space in the house a lot of times until it is full,
4) Go to the settings (…), press the blue button, it’s like a keyhole
5) Close the facebook session and game center
6) Go back to the house of that sim
7) Open the store and choose the move and sell button
8) sell all the things you got for free and you will get a large amount of money for every item you sell